söndag 6 september 2015

Goodies from the spinning wheel

One of my Ravelry-friends, Sarah, has linked my blog, so I'll translate this post to english for better understanding. =)

Her blog (Dyeing to Dye) is about "Greener Shades", the non-hazardous, heavy metal free acid dye with a low impact on the environment. My absolut favorite dye of all times!

After the fair there was not that much art yarn left. So I spunn a couple of skeins of lock spun, coiled yarn from the finest lambs wool. Then colored them with Greener Shades, acid dyes with a low impact on the environment.
One new and really fun technique I've just developed is the "double-dip dye". First I spin the yarn with undyed, white lambs wool. After it is spun I select two colors, one lighter, one darker. They must harmonize and the darker must stand up to beeing dyed over by the lighter. On the photo above I chose blue, orange and purple as the darker colors.

First I dip dye a small portion of the skein with the darker color in a very small glass jar with dye that is placed in a pan with hot water on the stove. Then I dye the whole skein with the lighter color in the pan.
SO fun and EASY, and the result is SUPER NICE!

The text between the photos below reads: 
"The skein after dyeing"
"Balled up" 
"The skein re-done with larger diameter" 

Must stress one more time. Greens Shades are the perfect dyes for wool & other animal fibres for us who care for the environment! There is a ravelry group called "greener Shades".