Knitting patterns

Pink Ribbon Scarf

Pink Ribbon scarf, slim as necklace or broad as a scarf

 An odd and exciting pattern, simple to execute and producing an end result that show your support for the Pink Ribbon campaign.

k knit
p purl
st stitch
sts stitches
kfb knit 2 sts in the next st by knitting in both the front and back loop
k2tbl knit two stitches together through the back loops

Yarn: Gammleby ekologically grown cotton, 8/4 or 12/2X3, color pink (rosa 3748) or  any other suitable yarn with the right color.
Yardage: 30 gr slim scarf, 60 gr broad scarf
Needle size: 3,5 mm, at least 80 cm in length (Knit-pro circular or the same type).
Gauge: getting an exact gauge is not necessary for this project.

Pattern notes: the scarves are made with only knitted stitches on circular needles, in the round, as a tube. The piquant slanted shape is created by increasing two stitches on one side of the scarf and decreasing two stitches in the other side of the scarf. Brand of yarn, exact gauge or thickness of yarn is not important for this project, but color is. The “Pink Ribbon” shade of pink is the thing to look for. Also mercerised, shiny cotton yarn will ensure the sleek look.

Broad scarf:
Cast on 60m on the circular needles. Fold the circular needle and divide the 60 stitches, with 30 stitches on one half of the circular needle and 30 stitches on the other half.  Start knitting and join for working in the round. See videos and detailed descriptions of this technique by searching for ”Magic loop”.
Round 1: Knit all stiches
Round 2: Knit 28 sts, increase 2 sts by kfb next 2 sts. Knit 28 sts and decrease by k2tbl next st and decrease one more st by knitting the next two stitches together.

Repeat round2 until the scarf measures 105 cm.
Bind off and sew or crochet to close up the ends of the scarf.

Slim scarf (knitted necklace):

 Follow the pattern above, but cast on 30 st, make each side of the scarf 15 st wide and knit until the scarf reaches 110 cm.

Rosy sparkle tunic

Size: Medium, approximately 10/14 (40/44)
Materials: M&Ks Fame Trend paljett, about 2 skeins, you might need a a bit more if youre working with color changing yarn, to be able to match the colors when changing skein.  
                    M&Ks red sequence yarn, about 3 skeins
Needle: 80 cm knit-pro cable with 4,5 mm tips (4.00mm, 3,5 mm, 3,00 mm)


The tunic is knitted bottom up. Cast on 204 sts. Place markers in each side with 102 sts between. Close to a circle and knit all stiches for 4 rounds. Purl 1 round and knit all remaining rounds. Decrease 1 st on both sides every 8th row (or about every 4th cm). When reaching the lower part of the arm hole there should be 160 sts on the cable. Divide in two, front and back, with 80 sts on each cable. Front and back are knitted separately from now on, in stockinette.


Decrease for arm hole: 2 sts in the beginning of 1st row and 2ond row. Then 1 st in the beginning of each row for 18 rows, a total of 2+9 decreases on each side. Then knit 4 rows without decreasing. Then cast of 10 sts in the middle for the beginning of the neckline. Decrease as following on each side of the neckline: 4 sts, 4 sts, 2 sts, 1 st1 st1 st, 2 rows without decrease, 1 st. Knit 19 rows stockinet with the remaining 12 sts for each shoulder.  Save the remaining sts for knitting the shoulders together later or cast of and sew the shoulders later.


Decrease for arm hole in the same manner as for the front. Then knit in stockinet till it reaches 20 cm from the lower part of the arm hole. Cast of 20 sts in the middle. Decrease as following on each side of the neckline: 1st, 2 sts, 1 st, 2 sts, 1 st. Knit the remaining 12 sts on each shoulder in stockinet until it reaches 23 cm from the lower part of the arm hole. Save the sts or cast of.  


Join shoulder seams by sewing or knitting them. Fold and sew the lower hem.
Knit neckline by picking up 148 sts, 96 sts in the front and 52 sts in the back with knitting needles nr 4,5. Knit approximately 2 cm and change to half a number smaller knitting needles every round (4,0 mm, 3,5 mm3,0 mmand decrease 2 sts every round at the shoulder seams. Cast of.

Pick up 118 sts around the armhole and knit edges in the same way. Decrease 1 st every round amid the armhole.
Dampen and block.
The tunic is finished!